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Are you forming your company?
GesTools is easy!

You need:

  • Simplicity of Operation
  • Meet the needs of your company in this important phase
  • Control your investment and daily costs
  • Have a reliable billing system

Do you work from a distance?
GesTools is Portable!

Need to:

  • Mobility of Operation
  • A portable office
  • Create and access your business data anytime, anywhere

Want to interact online?
GesTools supports Tourism!

You need:

  • Orders or Online Reservations
  • Customer loyalty
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

Using the Internet to boost business and customer loyalty has always been a priority for GesTools, so we have simple functionalities to use for those who want to receive orders or accept reservations through their own website.

In the specific case of tourism companies, benefiting from a 20-year experience in creating online booking solutions, the xRS system integrated in GesTools is dynamic and flexible and allows you to make known to your customers all the diversity of products and information that he search.

Do not limit yourself to the reservation of the accommodation, let your client know all the offer you have to offer!

We work in partnership

We believe in the sum of competencies. We are surrounded by partners who complement our work and assure us that no technical or specialty resources are left out.

A solid solution

GesTools ASP is a national company integrated in a technological group with more than 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of support systems for operational and financial management using Web technology.

Our experience and commitment enables us to believe that we will be of added value to your company, as we have been to the clients we have worked with for over 15 years.

By consolidating the technological and business know-how, GesTools ASP services aims to provide a simple and accessible way of good management practices for all companies, regardless of their size.

Prepared to grow with companies, GesTools ASP goes from simple certified billing to annual cost and revenue planning, always supporting teamwork and integrated information management.

Available Modules

Daily routines
Support the teamwork of the various employees of the company and access to information in any location.

Simplifies billing document issuance and enables billing service planning. It allows the management of the current account of the Customers and the analysis of the revenues by business center and by processes.
Complies with all legal requirements.

It ensures a simple and effective control of all your financial data. It enables effective cash management and ongoing business analysis.Can be activated only some of the modules, contact us

Products catalog
Through the product catalog you can facilitate the issuance of financial documents and publish your offer online. Through a personalized page, you can advertise your products and receive orders online.

Customers and Contracts
Keep a more complete record of your clients and manage your proposal and contracts. These modules integrate with the others to Consistent and organized interaction with your customers.

From the perspective of a project or judicial process, keeping an organized record of each employee's work and intervention is a fundamental step in ensuring the Quality of service and customer satisfaction.

a reservation system which you can integrate with your site or use internally. Contact us to find out how GesTools ASP can facilitate and boost your business.

Other Modules
A variety of constantly evolving and diversified functionalities so that the coordination and management of your business is adequately sustained.

Pay only for what you use

The monthly amount paid for your account is proportional to the modules you have assets, and you can change this selection at any time.

For companies with low activity or sole proprietors, an offer of value only for Invoicing, Product Catalog, Contacts and Agenda.

Monthly value of 7,5€

Note: limited to 10 financial documents per month.


For all other situations, the value is calculated based on the active modules.

We indicated in the table below prices by company, for 5 users and without limit of the number of documents.

Package Modules Monthly Semester Annual
Daily routines Contacts, Agenda, Correspondence, News 5€ 25€ 45€
Invoicing Financial Documents, Schedules, Export SAFT and Accounting 7.5€ 37.5€ 67.5€
Financial Expenses, Accounts and Wages 12.5€ 62.5€ 112.5€
Products Catalog Integrates with online invoicing and catalog 2.5€ 12.5€ 22.5€
Customers and Contracts Sheets Clients, Proposals, Contracts and Agreements 7.5€ 37.5€ 67.5€
Processes Processes, tasks, expenses and revenues by task, distribution and control of interventions 10.0€ 50.0€ 90.0€
Tourism Multi-channel reservations for Accommodation, Activities or Events 15.0€ 75.0€ 135.0€
or 1% on the value of the reserves, if it exceeds the amounts indicated
Others Workflow, Orders and Proposals, Online Surveys, Web Site Management, Knowledge Base, ... contact us to find out your best solution, or test our demo version choosing the desired modules

To these amounts IVA is added at the rate in force.


The above prices were grouped by module packages, thus facilitating the perception of costs.

You can, however, individually choose the modules that suit your business and add, or remove, as your business evolves.


When your business so justifies, you can also transfer all the information to a server of your own and create a solution to suit you.